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  • Mamy Blue
    Mamy Blue
    Mamy Blue - Moorreesburg (Western Cape) - 2022/11/21 1.00 R

    An interesting addition to the ‘blue’ roses, this blue is deeper than in other roses of the same colouring. The pointed buds open into shapely, deep silver-lilac flowers & are carried on strong upright stems. A most useful, highly perfumed cut fl...

  • Golden Monica
    Golden Monica
    Golden Monica - Moorreesburg (Western Cape) - 2022/11/21 1.00 R

    The pointed, elegantly formed buds are carried on long, slender, almost thornless stems & are excellent cut flowers. The deep yellow petals of the medium sized blooms are firm textured & ensure a good lasting quality, Not for sale  we still m...

  • Esther Geldenhuys
    Esther Geldenhuys
    Esther Geldenhuys - Moorreesburg (Western Cape) - 2022/11/21 1.00 R

    It combines vigour, a pleasing coral colour, an absolutely superb shape of bud & open bloom plus the ability to stay fresh on the bush & in the vase. Look out for its mutations: ‘Lisa’, ‘Nicolette’, ‘Leana’ & ‘Vanessa’. Esther Geldenhuys,...

  • Delicate Beauty
    Delicate Beauty
    Delicate Beauty - Moorreesburg (Western Cape) - 2022/11/21 1.00 R

    Tight, pointed buds of light cream-yellow develop & open slowly to reveal its classic beauty with a high pointed centre and perfect symmetry. The delicacy is in the soft colour blend of cream & white. The vigorous bush spreads out & produ...

  • Belle Rouge
    Belle Rouge
    Belle Rouge - Moorreesburg (Western Cape) - 2022/11/21 1.00 R

    This florist rose will produce a good supply of long stemmed cut flowers with firm petals of an unfading, velvet-red. The foliage exhibits a good resistance to black spot. Busy mixing all the colours. Not for sale

  • Incubator eggs chicks for sale
    Incubator eggs chicks for sale
    Incubate Eggs - Moorreesburg (Western Cape) - 2022/11/13 50.00 R

    8 weeks old chicks R50.00 each 52 egg incubator. Have 4 Lohmann hens. 3 of the hens lay every day eggs. Have one bush velder rooster busy mating with the hens. We take out the fertilized eggs every day and put the point side down in the egg tray. Hav...

  • Red Globe
    Red Globe
    Red Globe Grape - Moorreesburg (Western Cape) - 2022/11/10 1.00 R

    not for sale The Red Globe is a variety of very large, seeded red grapes with firm flesh used mainly as a table grape. It can be grown outdoors in very warm areas with long growing seasons such as …

  • Black Grape
    Black Grape
    Black Grape - Moorreesburg (Western Cape) - 2022/11/10 1.00 R

    Not for sale  Black Grape are an English rock band, featuring former members of Happy Mondays and Ruthless Rap Assassins. Their musical style fuses funk and electronic rock with electronic programming and samples. 

  • Red Grape
    Red Grape
    Red Grape - Moorreesburg (Western Cape) - 2022/11/10 1.00 R

    not for sale The red grape is just one of many grape varieties. They contain a dark reddish outer skin and sometimes come with pits. Much like the Thompson seedless grape, the red grape was eventually engineered to be seedless and became what we know...

  • Hanepoot Grape
    Hanepoot Grape
    Hanepoot Grapes - Moorreesburg (Western Cape) - 2022/11/10 1.00 R

    Not for sale In South Africa, Muscat of Alexandria is known as " Hanepoot " and was the fourth-most widely planted white wine grape variety in the country until the early 2000s. While some of the plantings were used for wine production, particularly ...

  • White Grape
    White Grape
    White Grape - Moorreesburg (Western Cape) - 2022/11/10 1.00 R

    not for sale White grapes are grown all over the world. Any climate that is suitable for a vineyard, white grapes will be grown. Some white grapes, like viognier, are commonly grown in certain areas of the world like France or Italy, while many are g...

  • Moon drop grape wine
    Moon drop grape wine
    Moon Drop - Moorreesburg (Western Cape) - 2022/11/09 1.00 R

    not for sale  What are moon grapes? Sometimes just called moon grapes, their official name is Moon Drop and it’s trademarked by Grapery, a California-based grower. They come from a version of the common grape vine species ( Vitis vinifera) that has b...

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