Lohmann Chicks for sale


Good day, we breeding out eggs end of October. The chicks we selling the end of December. Does not matter how many chicks you take the price still stay the same.chicks are vaccinated. This ad is here to see how many people are interested. Will put everything online once chicks are available. Images videos. WhatWhatsApp me if you are interested.

2 months chicks hens R50.00 each

3 months chicks hens R60.00 each

4 months chicks hens R70.00 each

5 months start laying eggs R80.00 each

6 months laying eggs R90.00 each.

Roosters 3 months R30.00 each

Roosters 4 months R40.00 each

Roosters 6 months R50.00 each

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Box lohmann 360 fertilized eggs. Contact for price.


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